A significant update that marks a new milestone in the tool’s development. This release brings forth a suite of enhancements and fixes designed to boost both functionality and reliability.

From non-interactive mode enhancements to critical security updates, Version 2.4.6 ensures a smoother, more secure experience for users.

This release includes a wide range of improvements and fixes that enhance the functionality and reliability of our tool. Here are the highlights:

Features And Improvements:

  • Non-Interactive Mode: Run Medusa in a non-interactive mode for streamlined operations.
  • Net_URI Module Improvement: Enhanced the net_uri module for better performance.
  • DNS Logger: Introduced a DNS logger for improved network monitoring.
  • Dependency Updates: Updated the apktool dependency to address CVE-2024-21633 and made adjustments to the google_trans_new dependency for better stability.
  • Command Enhancements: Made significant improvements to the get command for better display of list values.
  • Logging and Optimizations: Reduced logs in android_core and optimized logging headers. Also, introduced more efficient logcat improvements.


  • Bug Fixes: Addressed a critical bug introduced in a previous commit that affected app deletion from the database. Fixed various issues including typos, variable conflicts, and spacing issues.
  • Refactor and Cleanup: Conducted a thorough refactor of the codebase, including the use of local utilities, f-string updates, and PEP-8 compliant spacing for improved readability and maintainability.
  • Security and Stability: Made module adjustments and root script touch-ups for enhanced security and application stability.
  • Codebase Cleanup: Removed unused imports, updated conditional statements, and simplified expressions for cleaner and more efficient code.
  • License Update: Updated the license information to reflect current standards and compliance.