MetaOSINT enables open source intelligence (“OSINT”) practitioners to jumpstart their investigations by quickly identifying relevant, publicly-available tools and resources, saving valuable time during investigations, research, and analysis.

What Is OSINT?

Open source intelligence (“OSINT”) is intelligence derived from open sourcesIntelligence refers to raw information that has been analyzed or contextualized. 

Open source refers to information that virtually anyone can access, usually over the internet.

OSINT’s definition is often extended to other forms of information/data, which may be publicly available and “free”, but which require something like registering with an email in order to obtain it.

What Is MetaOSINT?

MetaOSINT is a free and openly available aggregation of “top” tools & resources intended to help jumpstart OSINT investigations.

MetaOSINT was built by a former OSINT analyst & investigator to help answer questions like “I wonder if there’s a way to find __ specific piece of information online?”

By compiling and prioritizing among thousands of tools and resources, MetaOSINT seeks to help OSINT practitioners intuitively surface the most relevant resources much more quickly.

MetaOSINT was published in 2021 and received two rounds of major updates in 2022 & 2023.