A versatile tool designed to enhance both the UI and functionality of Burp Suite, streamlining your cybersecurity testing experience.

Compatible exclusively with Burp Suite version 2023.10-22956 and above, this extension offers features such as theming, streamlined tab navigation, screenshot capabilities, and much more.

Built upon the legacy of the original Burp Suite Sharpener project, this new iteration emphasizes user-centric enhancements and continuous open-source improvements.



  • Making main tools’ tabs more distinguishable by choosing a theme
  • Ability to control style of sub-tabs in Repeater and Intruder
  • Ability to change Burp Suite title and its icon
  • Copy-and-pasting style ability for Repeater and Intruder tabs
  • Pasting style for Repeater and Intruder tabs when their title matches a Regular Expression
  • Copying and pasting titles by creating unique titles by adding a number in the end
  • Rename titles without the need to double-click click on the title
  • Jump to first and last tabs in Repeater and Intruder
  • Back and Forward feature depends on the previously selected tabs
  • Finding Repeater and Intruder tabs when their title matches a Regular Expression
  • Scrollable main tool tabs
  • Scrollable Repeater and Intruder tabs
  • Taking screenshots of repeater or intruder tabs
  • Trimming long titles into 100 characters
  • Show previously chosen titles for a tab
  • Several keyboard shortcuts make tab navigation easier
  • Support for PwnFox Firefox extension highlighter
  • Ability to save the last size and position of Burp Suite to move it to the same location next time
  • Ability to detect off-screen Burp Suite window to bring it to the centre

Burp Suite Compatibility And Reporting Errors

As PortSwigger has a plan to update the Burp Suite UI in the near future, some features in this extension may become redundant or unreliable.

While we use this extension ourselves, we can see potential errors from time to time, As an open source project, it relies on community feedback for improvements and to fix issues. Please report any errors in these issues.

This extension has been tested against the latest early edition of the Pro version, which was 2023.1 at the time of writing this document. It should, however, also be compatible with the community edition.

Using The Legacy Extension

In the latest version of this extension, only the most recent version of Burp Suite is supported, as noted above. For older versions of Burp Suite, you can use the legacy version of the extension or refer to the original repository.

The older versions of this extension can be downloaded from the legacy branch or Click here

About This Repository

Continuation of the Burp Suite Sharpener project originally from

Suggesting New Features

The plan is to add simple but effective missing features to this single extension to make tester’s life easier as a must-have companion when using Burp Suite (so we cannot Burp without it!).

Please feel free to submit your new feature requests using FR:  in its title in issues.

It would be great to also list any known available extensions which might have implemented suggested features. Perhaps the best features can be imported from different open-source extensions so the overhead of adding different extensions can be reduced.

Usage Tips

  • You can use the following key combination(s) in Repeater and Intruder sub-tab menu:
Show Context Menu for Repeater and Intruder TabsMouse Middle-Click
Alt + Any Mouse Key
Down Arrow
Ctrl + Enter
Ctrl + Shift +Enter
Find Tabs for Repeater and Intruder TabCtrl + Shift + F
Find NextF3
Ctrl + F3
Find PreviousShift + F3
Ctrl + Shift + F3
Jump to the First TabHome
Ctrl + Shift + Home
Jump to the last TabEnd
Ctrl + Shift + End
Previous TabLeft Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Left
Next TabRight Arrow
Ctrl + Shift + Right
Mouse Wheel
Back (Previously Selected Tab)Alt + Left
Ctrl + Alt + Left
Mouse Wheel
ForwardAlt + Right
Ctrl + Alt + Right
Copy Subtab TitleCtrl + C
Ctrl + Shift + C
Paste Subtab TitleCtrl + V
Ctrl + Shift + V
Rename Subtab TitleF2
Ctrl + F2
Increase Font SizeCtrl + Mouse Wheel
Increase Font Size & BoldMiddle Click + CTRL
Decrease Font Size & BoldMiddle Click + CTRL + SHIFT
Big & Red & BoldMiddle Click + SHIFT
  • You can use the following key combination(s) on the main window frame:
Move Burp Suite Window to the centre of the ScreenCtrl + Alt + C
  • After setting style on a sub-tab, setting the same title on another sub-tab will copy its style
  • Alt + Any Mouse Click works on empty parts of the tabs which do not contain any text
  • Use the Debug option in Global Settings if you are reporting a bug or if you want to see what is happening
  • Check the extension’s GitHub repository rather than BApp Store for the latest updates
  • A sample of icons should also be accessible in the / directory