This is example of scraping public LegiFrance registry’s naturalisation decrees for research purposes only (naturalisation par mariage is not included in these decrees). Code license is MIT.

pip install selenium charset_normalizer

mkdir -p jo
# python3 -o jo --years $(seq 2000 2021) --output-directory-prefix "$(wslpath -a -w "$PWD")\\" # for WSL systems, must be on a NTFS drive
python3   -o jo --years $(seq 2000 2021) --output-directory-prefix "$PWD/"
ls jo | wc -l

mkdir -p txtjo
git clone --branch 20220524 --depth 1
PYTHONPATH="pdfminer.six:pdfminer.six/tools:$PYTHONPATH" find jo -name '*.pdf' -exec python3 -m pdf2txt {} -o txt{}.txt \;
ls txtjo | wc -l

python3 -i txtjo -o natufrance_2000_2021.tsv
grep 'Russie\|URSS\|U.R.S.S' natufrance_2000_2021.tsv | wc -l

mkdir -p catjo
git clone --branch v0.4 --depth 1
rm $(PYTHONPATH="$PWD/pdfrw:$PYTHONPATH" find jo/ -type f -not -exec python3 -c 'import sys, pdfrw; pdfrw.PdfReader(sys.argv[1])' {} \; -print)
for years in $(seq 2000 2021); do PYTHONPATH="$PWD/pdfrw:$PYTHONPATH" python3 pdfrw/examples/ jo/JORF_${years}*; mv cat.JORF_${years}*.pdf catjo; done
ls catjo | wc -l

mkdir -p tarjo
for years in $(seq 2000 2021); do tar -cf tarjo/jo${years}.tar jo/*_${years}*; done
ls tarjo | wc -l

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