NullSection emerges as a cutting-edge tool designed to fortify software against reverse engineering attempts.

By employing a novel technique that overwrites section headers with null bytes, it effectively renders ELF binaries, including potentially malicious .ko rootkits, impervious to analysis by popular decompilers like Ghidra and IDA.

This article delves into the installation process, advantages, and responsible usage of NullSection, offering an indispensable resource for developers and cybersecurity professionals aiming to safeguard their code.

NullSection is an Anti-Reversing tool that applies a technique that overwrites the section header with nullbytes.


git clone
cd NullSection
gcc nullsection.c -o nullsection


When running nullsection on any ELF, it could be .ko rootkit, after that if you use Ghidra/IDA to parse ELF functions, nothing will appear no function to parse in the decompiler for example, even if you run readelf -S / path /to/ elf the following message will appear “There are no sections in this file.”

Make good use of the tool!


We are not responsible for any damage caused by this tool, use the tool intelligently and for educational purposes only.