Offensive Lua is a collection of offensive security scripts written in Lua with FFI. The scripts run with LuaJIT (v2.0.5) on Microsoft Windows to perform common tasks.

  • Run an EXE
  • Bypass UAC
  • File, Networking or Registry
  • Common Tasks (e.g. bind a shell)

Lua is a lesser used but very useful choice for post-exploitation scripting language. It’s flexible, lightweight, easy to embed, runs interpreted or as bytecode from memory and allows for JIT to interact with the host OS libraries.

bin2hex.luaConvert a binary to hex for binrun.lua
binrun.luaWrites a hex of EXE to a random location and exec’s
bindshell.luabind a shell on TCP port 5000
ComputerDefaultsUACBypass.luaBypass UAC restrictions via ms-settings
console.luaConsole App Example
downloadexec.luaDownload & Exec over HTTP
downloadexec_UACbypass.luaDownload & BypassUAC & Exec over HTTP
filewrite.luaWrite a file
luajit.exeLuaJIT compiled from our internal source tree.
messagebox.luaMessageBox Example
regread.luaRead from Registry
regwrite.luaWrite to Registry
regwritedel.luaWrite and Delete from Registry
rickroll.luaOpen a browser on URL
runcmd.luaRun a command popen
runcmd2.luaRun a command os.execute
runswhide.luaRun a command via CreateProcess with SW_HIDE
uac_bypass_bluetooth_win10.luaBypass UAC via Bluetooth on Windows10