Okadminfinder 3 : To Find Admin Panel Of Site

OKadminFinder is an Apache2 Licensed utility, rewritten in Python 3.x, for admins/pentesters who want to find admin panel of a website.

There are many other tools but not as effective and secure. Yeah, it has the the ability to use tor and hide your identity



sudo apt install tor
sudo apt install python3-socks (optional)
pip3 install –user -r requirements.txt


Download tor expert bundle pip3 install -r requirements.txt

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Click Here For Preview


git clone https://ere.com/mIcHyAmRaNe/okadminfinder3.git
cd okadminfinder3
chmod +x okadminfinder.py
python3 okadminfinder.py


Download & Extract zip

cd okadminfinder3
py -3 okadminfinder.py

Pentestbox (same procedure as Linux)

You can add an alias by adding this line:
okadminfinder=py -3 “%pentestbox_ROOT%/bin/Path/to/okadminfinder3/okadminfinder.py” $* to C://Pentestbox/bin/customtools/customaliases file and so you’ll be able to launch it using the tool.


  • More than 500 potential admin panels
  • Tor & Proxy
  • Random-agents
  • Console work with params, like: okadminfinder.py -u example.com –proxy
  • Classify admin panel links by popularity
  • Multithreading, for faster work
  • Adding more potential admin panel pages