Pen-Andro Script will automate the process of installing all necessary tools & tasks for Android Pentesting i.e Moving Burpsuite Certificate,Installing Adb frida server, APKs like proxy toggle, proxydroid, adbwifi.


  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run below command
curl -sL | sudo bash 


  • Burpsuite proxy Running at
  • Rooted Android device connected via adb (Only one device should be connected)
  • Magisk App (It will make installation easy )
  1. For Android Virtual device – GitHub
  2. For Genymotion emulator Blog Link

I want to Install :-

curl -sL | sudo bash

Pen andro

    Pen Andro Demo


     Pen Andro Features

    Android Apps

    • Proxy droid
    • ADB wifi
    • Proxy Toggle

    Pc Tools

    • Frida, objection & Frida-Server for Android
    • jDax-gui
    • scrcpy
    • Burpsuite Certificate install

    Pen Andro FAQs :

    • Burpsuite Error :- Check Proxy tab of Burpsuite at set the proxy as with port 8080
    • Root access Error :- Check If your device is Rooted or not (If not confirmed check
    • Traffic not intercepting :- Reboot the device after Certificate installtion
    • One or more devices conncted :- check with adb devices or try adb kill-server(to remove offline devices)

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