PESTO – PE (Files) Statistical Tool

PESTO is a Python script that extracts and saves in a database some PE file security characteristics or flags searching for every PE binary in a whole directory, and saving results in a database.

PESTO checks for architecture flag in the header, and for the following security flags: ASLR, NO_SEH, DEP and CFG. Code is clear enough to modify flags and formats to your own needs.


The script just needs a path and a tag. The program will go through the path and subdirectories searching for .DLL and .EXE files and extracting the flags in the PE header (thanks to PEfile python library).

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The program requires a tag that will be used as a suffix for logs and database filenames, so different analysis can be done in the same directory.

The information provided by the script is:

  • Percentage of .DLL and .EXE files with i386, AMD64, IA64 or other architecture.
  • Percentage of ASLR, NO_SEH, DEP and CFG flags enabled or disabled in the headers.
  • After finishing the analysis it will prompt to export results in a SQL or CSV format.

It will create as well a .db file which is a sqlite file with the information collected.