Meet “Poodone,” the ultimate Python script designed for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Packed with a robust array of tools, Poodone simplifies tasks ranging from cryptography to network scanning.

Whether you’re cracking hashes, scanning ports with Nmap, or brute-forcing directories, this script offers everything needed to enhance your cybersecurity arsenal.

Dive into the features of Poodone as we explore its current capabilities and glimpse into its promising future of new tools.

This is a python script, with lots of repeatedly used hacking tools.

Included Tools:

  • Cryptography
    • Zip File Brute Force
    • Hash Cracker
    • Shadow File Cracker
    • Cracking Caesar Cipher
  • Networking
    • Banner Grabbing
    • Nmap Port Scanner
  • Web
    • Directory Brute Forcing
  • Misc
    • Wordlist Combiner

Lots of other tools are coming soon, until now i’m just experimenting with this idea