Prithvi is a report generation tool specially made for Security Assessment which is free to use and easy to use. It will generate high quality vulnerability assessment report for security controls.

It got various features and majorly made for security assessment. You can easily find security vulnerabilities in a report.

System Requirements

Operating SystemsMac OSX(64bit), Windows(64bit & 32bit)
RAMMinimum Usage 4GB of available memory
Storage10GB of available disk space

Advantages of Prithvi

Prithvi is used to generate security assessments and could be modified based on your requirements. So can also be used for other report generation.

It includes the following features

  • We can add multiple projects and add vulnerabilities in each project.
  • We can add the number of occurrences with proof of concept.
  • To track the ongoing projects, we can also add tracking data for better understanding.
  • We can generate the project report as well as the tracking report.
  • Provided owasp data like vulnerabilities, details, and recommendations for vulnerabilities.
  • It has both OWASP web and mobile version data of OWASP 2017.
  • Prithvi is easy to use.
  • Prithvi is free to use.
  • Prithvi is available in Windows as well as the Mac version.

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How to use Prithvi

  • Start the application.
  • Add new project and fill the details.
  • Add vulnerabilities in the project and fill the details.
  • Right click on your project in Prithvi, click on generate the report.
  • If you need a tracking report, click on the tracking tab.
  • Add tracking details and save it.
  • Now click the report in the menu and click generate tracking report in the submenu.
  • After clicking the tracking report provide the necessary details like project, date and click on the search button.
  • Then click generate the report in the right corner.

Video Tutorial