In the vast landscape of cyber tools, “PROTINTELLIGENCE” stands out as a specialized Python script designed for the OSINT and Cyber Community.

This powerful tool, tailored for domain analysis, aims to unveil the intricate relationship between custom domains and Protonmail, a widely acknowledged encrypted email service.

From detecting Protonmail usage to diving deep into PGP key intricacies, PROTINTELLIGENCE serves as a beacon for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals alike, ensuring a more secure digital communication ecosystem.

ProtINTelligence is a Python script for the OSINT & Cyber Community.

What Can This Tool Do So Far?

Protintelligence is currently working perfectly for checking any domain to see if this domain uses protonmail to send and receive emails.
Input example:

With the input above, this tool will be able to:

  • Confirm if the custom domain uses Protonmail to send and receive emails
  • Detect if the custom domain is using a catch-all and provide you with the main email address.
  • Provide you with PGP key creation date and time (This is often the same date & time as account creation because not many people change their keys)
  • Provide the Key Encryption Type: RSA or ECC (Curve25519)
  • Get PGP Key information + creation date and time for any protonmail email address (,,

Make sure the protonmail address exists because the protonmail API response to non-valid email addresses also shows PGP key with a randomized creation date and time.



Python 3


git clone
cd Prot1ntelligence
pip install -r requirements.txt

or (depending on pip version)

pip3 install -r requirements.txt depending on your set-up.