Rafel Rat : Android Rat Written In Java

Rafel is Remote Access Tool Used to Control Victims Using WebPanel With More Advance Features.

Main Features

  • Admin Permission
  • Add App To White List
  • Looks Like Browser
  • Runs In Background Even App is Closed(May not work on some Devices)
  • Accessibility Feature
  • Support Android v5 – v10
  • No Port Forwarding Needed
  • Acquire Wakelock
  • Fully Undetectable


  • Android Studio


Building Apk With Android Studio

  1. Open Project Lite_Browsercode in Android Studio
  2. Put the command.php link of server in InternalService.class class
  3. Build the Project
  4. Zipalign and sign the Apk…

Building Apk with ApkEasyTool:

Building Server

  1. Upload Files in server Folder to Your HostingPanel
  2. Now Open login.php
  3. Enter Username Hande Password Ercel
  4. Note : Make Sure your webhosting site uses Https and should have valid connection…I recommend 000webhost.com
  5. You can now use panel to send commands and also refresh after it