Red Team Toolkit is a curated list of tools that are commonly used in the field for Physical Security, Red Teaming, and Tactical Covert Entry.

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Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyone using any information in this post for any illegal activities. Getting caught with possession of burglary tools will likely land you behind bars and possibly end with a multiple felony conviction. The information in this post is for legal and authorized engagements, and to use for educational purposes only.????

***The links of the products may change with time, if so, just ping me on twitter so I can update them. None of the links are affiliated or sponsored. Also, I have personally purchased almost every single item from this list out of my own pocket based on needs for engagements. If there are any other items that are not on this list and you believe they should be, feel free to DM or ping me on twitter (@DavidProbinsky) and I can add them.***

Commonly used tools for Red Teaming Engagements, Physical Security Assessments, and Tactical Covert Entry.

In this list I decided to share most of the tools I utilize in authorized engagements, including where to find some of them, and in some cases I will also include some other alternative tools. I am not providing information on how to use these tools, since this information can be found online with some research. My goal with this list is to help fellow Red Teamers with a ‘checklist’, for whenever they might be missing a tool, and use this list as a reference for any engagement. Stay safe and legal!!

Recon ToolWhere to findAlternative
1. Camera with high zoomRecommended: Panasonic Lumix FZ-80 with 60x Zoom CameraAlternative: If not the Panasonic, you can use others. There are many other good cameras in the market. Try to get one with a decent zoom, any camera with over 30x Optical Zoom should work just fine.
1.1 Polarized Camera FiltersRecommended: Any polarized filter that fits the lens of your camera.Alternatives: N/A.
2. Body Worn Action CameraRecommended: GoPro cameras or the DJI Osmo Action camerasAlternatives: There are other cheaper alternative action cameras that can be used, however the videos may not have the highest quality or best image stabilization, which can make the footage seem wobbly or too dark.
3. Drone with CameraRecommended: DJI Mavic Mini Series or any other drone that fits your budget.N/A
4. Two-Way Radios or Walkie TalkiesRecommended: BaoFeng UV-5RAlternatives would be to just use cellphones and bluetooth headsets and a live call, however with this option you will not be able to listen to local radio chatter. A cell phone serves the purpose of being able to communicate with the client in case of emergency.
5. Reliable flashlightAmazon, Ebay, local hardware storeIf you want to save some money, you can always use the flashlight of your cellphone, however some phones cant decrease the brightness intensity.
6. Borescope / EndoscopeRecommended: USB Endoscope CameraThere are a few other alternatives, varying in price, size, and connectivity.
7. RFID DetectorRecommended: One good benefit of the Dangerous Things RFID Diagnostics Card is that its the size of a credit card, so it fits perfectly in your wallet for EDC use.Cheaper Alternative: The RF Detector by ProxGrind can be used as a keychain.
8. Alfa AWUS036ACS 802.11acRecommended: Alfa AWUS036ACSN/A
9. CANtennaN/AYagi Antennas also work the same way.
LockPicking & Entry ToolsRecommendedAlternatives
10. A reliable ScrewDriver with changeable bitsRecommended: Wera KraftformAlternative: Any other screwdriver set will work just fine. Ideally a kit which can be portable and with different bits
11. A reliable plier multitoolRecommended: Gerber Plier MultitoolAlternatives: any reliable multitool of your preference
12. Gaffer TapeRecommended because of its portability: Red Team Tools Gaffer TapeAlternatives: There are many other options on Amazon, but they are all larger in size.
13. A reliable set of 0.025 thin lockpick setRecommended to get a well known brand with good reputation and quality products. Some of those are: TOOOL, Sparrows, SouthOrd, Covert InstrumentsN/A. You do not want a pick breaking inside of a client’s lock. Avoid sets that are of unknown brands from ebay.
14. A reliable set of 0.018 thin lockpick setRecommended to get a well known brand with good reputation and quality products. Some of those are: TOOOL, Sparrows, SouthOrd, Covert InstrumentsN/A.
15. Tension barsRecommended: Covert Instruments Ergo Turner Set or Sparrows FlatbarsThere are many other alternatives, varying in sizes and lengths. I strongly recommend having them in varying widths.
16. Warded picksRecommended: Red Team Tools Warded Lock PicksAlternative: Sparrows Warded Pick Set
17. Comb picksRecommended: Covert Instruments Quad Comb SetAlternative options: Sparrows Comb .45 and the Red Team Tools Comb Picks
18. Wafer picksRecommended: Red Team Tools Wafer PicksAlternatives: Sparrows Warded & Wafer Picks with Case
19. JigglersRecommended: Red Team Tools JigglerAlternatives: Sparrows Coffin Keys
20. Dimple lockpicksRecommended: Sparrows Black FlagAlternatives: The “Lishi” of Dimple locks Dangerfield Multi-Dimple Lock Picking Tool – ‘The Gamechanger’
21. Tubular lockpicksRecommended: Red Team Tools Quick-Connect Tubular LockpickAlternative: If you are very skilled at picking, you can go the manual route of tensioning and single pin picking, but it will take a lot longer to open the lock. With the Sparrows Goat Wrench you are able to do so.
22. Disk PickRecommended: Sparrows Disk PickN/A
23. Lock LubricantPowdered Graphite found on Ebay or Amazon can get the job done.N/A
24. Plug spinnerRecommended: Red Team Tools Peterson Plug SpinnerAlternative: LockPickWorld GOSO Pen Style Plug Spinner
25. Hinge Pin Removal ToolRecommended: Red Team Tools Hammerless Hinge Pin ToolHere are some other alternatives: Covert Instruments Hinge Pin Removal Tools
26. PadLock ShimsRecommended: Red Team Tools Padlock Shims 5-PackAlternative: Covert Instruments Padlock Shims 20-pack
27. Combination lock decodersRecommended: Covert Instruments Decoder BundleAlternative: Sparrows Ultra Decoder
28. Commercial door hook or Adams RiteRecommended: Covert Instruments Commercial Door HookAlternative: Red Team Tools “Peterson Tools Adams Rite Bypass Wire” or the Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Driver
29. Lishi PicksIYKYKN/A
30. American Lock Bypass DriverRecommended: Red Team Tools American Lock Padlock Bypass DriverAlternative: Sparrows Padlock Bypass Driver
31. Abus Lock Bypass DriverRecommended: N/AN/A
Bypass ToolsRecommendedAlternatives
32. Travelers hookBoth Red Team Tools Travelers Hook and Covert Instruments Travelers Hook are solid options.N/A
33. Under Door Tool “UDT”Recommended: Sparrows UDTAlternative: Red Team Tools UDT
34. Camera filmRecommended: Red Team Tools Film CanisterN/A
35. Jim toolRecommended: Sparrows Quick JimAlternative: Red Team Tools Rescue Jim
36. Crash bar tool “DDT”Recommended: Sparrows DDTAlternative: Serepick DDT
37. Deadbolt Thumb Turn toolRecommended: Both Covert Instruments J tool and Red Team Tools J Tool are solid optionsN/A
38. Door Latch shimsRecommended: Red Team Tools Mica Door ShimsAlternative: Covert Instruments Mica Door Shims
39. Strong MagnetRecommended: N/AThe MagSwitches. Quick search online and you will find them.
40. Bump KeysRecommended: Sparrows Bump KeysN/A
41. Seattle RAT “SEA-RAT”Recommended: Seattle Rapid Access ToolAlternative: I’ve heard of the use of piano wire also, but I have not used it myself. IYKYK
42. Air WedgeRecommended: Covert Instruments Air WedgeN/A
43. Can of Compressed AirRecommended: Red Team Tools Air Canister Nozzle HeadCans of compressed air, usually found at your local stores
44. Proxmark3 RDV4Recommended: Red Team Tools Proxmark RDV4Alternative: Hacker Warehouse Proxmark3 RDV4
45. General use keysRecommended: Hooligan Keys – Devious, Troublesome, Hooligan!N/A
46. Alarm panels, Cabinets, other keysRecommended: Hooligan KeysCovert Instruments keys
47. Elevator KeysRecommended: Sparrows Fire Service Elevator Key SetN/A
48. Rubber Ducky or Bash BunnyRecommended: HAK5 USB Rubber Ducky and the HAK5 Bash BunnyAlternatives: The USB Digispark.
49. DigiSparkNo recommended links at the moment, but often found on overseas online sellers.Its a cheaper alternative to the Rubber Ducky or the Bash Bunny.Read more.
50. Lan TurtleHAK5 Lan TurtleN/A
51. Shark JackRecommended: HAK5 Shark JackN/A
52. Key CrocRecommended: HAK5 Key CrocN/A
53. Wi-Fi PineappleRecommended: HAK5 WiFi PineappleN/A
54. O.MG PlugRecommended: HAK5 O.MG PlugN/A
55. ESPKeyRecommended: Red Team Tools ESPKeyN/A
EDC ToolsRecommendedAlternatives
56. PwnagotchiRecommended to build. Pwnagotchi Website.N/A
57. Covert BeltRecommended: Security Travel Money BeltN/A
58. Bogota LockPicksRecommended for EDC: Bogota PIN/A
59. Dog Tag Entry Tool setRecommended: Black Scout Survival Dog TagN/A
60. Sparrows Wallet EDC KitRecommended: Sparrows Chaos Card; Sparrows Chaos Card: Wary Edition; Sparrows Shimmy Card; Sparrows Flex Pass; Sparrows Orion CardN/A
61. SouthOrd JackknifeRecommended: SouthOrd JackknifeAlternative: SouthOrd Pocket Pen Pick Set
62. Covert CompanionRecommended: Covert Instruments – Covert CompanionN/A
63. Covert Companion Turning ToolsRecommended: Covert Instruments – Turning ToolsN/A
Additional ToolsRecommendedAlternatives
64. LaddersEasy to carry ladders, for jumping over fences and walls.N/A
65. GlovesThick comfortable gloves, Amazon has plenty of them.N/A
66. FootwearIt varies, depending if social engineering or not. If in the open field, use boots.N/A
67. AttireDress up depending on the engagement. If in the field, use rugged strong clothes. If in an office building, dress accordingly.N/A
68. Thick wool blanketAt least a 5×5 and 1 inch thick, or barbed wires will shred you.N/A
69. First Aid KitMany kits available on Amazon.N/A
Suppliers or Cool sites to checkWebsiteN/A
Sparrows Lock Picks
Red Team Tools
Covert Instruments
Hooligan Keyshttps://www.hooligankeys.comN/A
Sneak Technology
Dangerous Things
Lost Art Academy
More coming soon!More coming soon!N/A

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