Clone or download the project:

git clone SecurityNotFound
cd SecurityNotFound


  • The src/404.php file should be located on the target server.
  • That server must have the ability to execute .php files.
  • Here is an example of some of the most common routes on which servers are located:

# ūüŹĀ Windows (Xampp)

# ūüźß Linux

Note: Obviously, you and I know that you have legitimate access to that server.

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Access Granted

Now, you can access it through the browser by clicking here.

Note: You can replace the server 404 error template to access from any invalid URL.

To access the control panel, press¬†TAB¬†key or search the password field using your browser’s tools.

The default password is: cosasdepuma.

 You can leave the $passphrase variable in the script as an empty string to directly access the control panel. If it is your intention, you have lost my respect.

 To set a custom value, insert your password into the $passphrase variable after applying the MD5 algorithm three consecutive times.

Control Panel


FunctionShown in the picture
Current userroot
Exit Button‚õĒ

You can also log out using the exit parameter in a GET request.

Buttons and their Functions:

  • PHPINFO : Shows phpinfo(); page.
  • EXPLOIT-DB : Searches for kernel-compatible exploits in
  • GEOLOCATE : It shows approximately in Google Maps the place where the server is physically located.
  • SELF-REMOVE : The shell deletes itself from the server.

Log Footprints

No of lines in access.logAction
1Access without logging in
1Access with the session already started
2Log in
2Log out
2Execute a command through the console
1Button: PHPINFO
1Problem: favicon.ico