SharpAppLocker : C# Port Of The Get-AppLockerPolicy PS Cmdlet

SharpAppLocker is a C# port of the Get-AppLockerPolicy PS cmdlet. The Get-AppLockerPolicy cmdlet retrieves the AppLocker policy from the local Group Policy Object (GPO), a specified GPO, or the GP-deployed effective policy on the computer.

By default, the output is an AppLockerPolicy object. If the Xml parameter is used, then the output will be the AppLocker policy as an XML-formatted string.

V1.0.0 – by Flangvik & Jean_Maes_1994

-h, -?, –help Show Help
-l, –local Queries local applocker config
-d, –domain Queries domain applocker config (needs an ldap
-e, –effective Queries the effective applocker config on this
-x, –xml output applocker in XML format (default is json)
–ldap=VALUE the ldap filter to query the domain policy from

For detailed information please take a look at the MSDN url: