Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter : Shellcode Encrypter & Decrypter by using XOR Cipher

Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter is a Shellcode Encrypter & Decrypter, Using XOR Cipher to enc and dec shellcode.

Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter Installation

git clone && cd Shellcode-Encrypter-Decrypter/

python --help

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Usage Example

    python --shellcode \x41\x41\x42\x42 --key SECRETKEY --option encrypt
    python --shellcode \x41\x41\x42\x42 --key SECRETKEY --option decrypt


usage: [-h]  [-s SHELLCODE]  [-k KEY]  [-o OPTION]
Encrypting & Decrypting Shellcode
optional arguments:
       -h,  --help			show this help message and exit
        -s  SHELLCODE,	--shelcode SHELCODE
				Shellcode To Encrypt & Decrypt
        -k  KEY,  --key KEY		Key Of The Shellcode To Encrypt & Decrypt
        -o  OPTION,   --option  OPTION
				Argument For Encrypting & Decrypting Shellcode