Socialhunter, Crawls the given URL and finds broken social media links that can be hijacked. Broken social links may allow an attacker to conduct phishing attacks. It also can cost a loss of the company’s reputation. Broken social media hijack issues are usually accepted on the bug bounty programs.


From Binary

You can download the pre-built binaries from the releases page and run. For example:


tar xzvf socialhunter_0.1.1_Linux_amd64.tar.gz

./socialhunter --help

From Source

  • Install Go on your system
  • Run: go get -u


socialhunter requires 2 parameters to run:

-f : Path of the text file that contains URLs line by line. The crawl function is path-aware. For example, if the URL is, it only crawls the pages under /blog path

-w : The number of workers to run (e.g -w 10). The default value is 5. You can increase or decrease this by testing out the capability of your system.

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