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Django DefectDojo : Open-Source Application Vulnerability Correlation & Security Orchestration Tool

DefectDojo is a security program and vulnerability management tool. It allows you to manage your application security program, maintain product and application...

Autocrack – Hashcat Wrapper To Help Automate The Cracking Process

Autocrack is python script is a Hashcat wrapper to help automate the cracking process. The script includes multiple functions to select a set of...
Theo : Ethereum Recon And Exploitation Tool

Theo : Ethereum Recon And Exploitation Tool

Theo aims to be an exploitation framework and a blockchain recon and interaction tool. Features

URH : Universal Radio Hacker To Investigate Wireless Protocols Like A...

URH (Universal Radio Hacker) is a software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. Features include Hardware Interfaces for common Software Defined Radios Easy Demodulation of...
Windows Hacking Pack

Microsoft Windows Hacking Pack – WHP

Tools here for Windows Hacking Pack are from different sources. The repo is generally licensed with WTFPL, but some content may be not (eg....
Userrecon PY : Recognition Usernames In 187 Social Networks

Userrecon PY : Recognition Usernames In 187 Social Networks

Userrecon PY is a tool used to recognise usernames in 187 social networks. So first of all let us have a look...

SharpSploit – A .NET Post-Exploitation Library Written in C#

SharpSploit is a .NET post-exploitation library written in C# that aims to highlight the attack surface of .NET and make the use of offensive...

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