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NAXSI is an Open-Source, High Performance, Low Rules Maintenance WAF For NGINX. NAXSI means Nginx Anti XSS & SQL Injection.
Manati : A Web-Based Tool To Assist The Work Of The Intuitive Threat Analysts

Manati : A Web-Based Tool To Assist The Work Of The...

The goal of the ManaTI project is to develop machine learning techniques to assist an intuitive threat analyst to speed the discovery...
Airopy : Get Clients And Access Points

Airopy : Get Clients And Access Points

Airopy is a wireless packet capture to get clients and access points. With Alfa cards this script works correctly.
Headless Burp

Headless Burp – Automate security tests using Burp Suite

Headless Burp provides an extension to Burp that allows you to run Burp Suite's Spider and Scanner tools in headless mode via command-line. However, it...
Hacking tools

Most Popular Hacking Tools in 2018

Hacking tools used by security professionals to detect vulnerabilities in network and applications. Here you can find the Comprehensive Penetration testing tools...

imR0T – Encryption to Your Whatsapp Contact

imR0T : Send a quick message with simple text encryption to your whatsapp contact and , basically in ROT13 with new multi encryption based...
IP Obfuscator

IP Obfuscator – Simple Tool to Social Engineer and Bypass Firewall

IP Obfuscator is a simple python script which converts an IP address into different obfuscated forms like integer, hexadecimal or into an...