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Top 5 DDoS Attacking Tools For Linux,Windows & Android

DDOS or Distributed Denial of Service Attack is the most strong version of  DOS attack. In this, many computers are used to...
Phishing Frenzy

Phishing Frenzy – Ruby on Rails Phishing Framework

Phishing Frenzy is an Open Source Ruby on Rails application that is leveraged by penetration testers to manage email phishing campaigns. The goal of the...

WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction

WMD is a python tool with an accumulation of IT security software. The product is incapsulated in "modules". The modules consists of unadulterated python...
WiFi Bruteforcer

WiFi Bruteforcer – Android Application To Brute Force WiFi Passwords

WiFi Bruteforcer is an android application to brute force WiFi passwords without requiring a rooted device. WARNING: This project is still under development and by...
TeleGram-Scraper : Telegram Group Scraper Tool

TeleGram-Scraper : Telegram Group Scraper Tool

TeleGram-Scraper is a telegram group scraper tool to fetch all information about group members. How To Install &...

How To Save Time With Automated Transcription Software

How To Save Time With Automated Transcription Software  Automated audio to text transcription tools are slowly becoming an integral part of office necessities. Today,...

PRETty : “PRinter Exploitation Toolkit” LAN Automation Tool

PRETty is useful when a large number of printers are present on a network. Instead of scanning, logging, and manually running PRET...