Here are five well-known Web Scanner for Kali Linux, along with their brief descriptions, installation, and usage examples:

Kali Linux is a popular distribution for penetration testing and ethical hacking, and it comes with a wide range of tools for web application scanning.

1. Nikto:

Nikto is a powerful web server scanner that identifies potential vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in web servers.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nikto

Command: nikto -h <target>

Example: nikto -h


WPScan is specifically designed for scanning WordPress websites, detecting vulnerabilities, and enumerating user information.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install wpscan

Command: wpscan --url <target>

Example: wpscan --url

3. Arachni:

Arachni is a feature-rich web application security scanner that performs comprehensive vulnerability assessments.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install arachni

Command: arachni <target>

Example: arachni

4. Vega:

Vega is a GUI-based web vulnerability scanner that offers an intuitive interface for scanning and detecting web application vulnerabilities.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install default-jre

Then, download the Vega package using the link provided on the official website ( ), and then follow the installation instructions.

Command: Launch Vega using the GUI interface.

Example: Open Vega through the Kali Linux menu.

5. Skipfish:

Skipfish is an active web application security reconnaissance tool that analyzes the structure and contents of a web application for vulnerabilities.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install skipfish

Command: skipfish -o <output_directory> <target>

Example: skipfish -o /home/user/output

Noting that these commands only provide a fundamental understanding of how to use these tools, it is advised to consult the documentation for each tool in order to find detailed usage instructions and advanced features.

Make sure you are following ethical hacking rules and that you have the right authorization to scan the target websites.

These are just a few examples of popular web scanners for Kali Linux. The choice of web scanners depends on your specific requirements and the nature of the target application.

It’s always a good idea to explore multiple tools and methodologies to ensure comprehensive coverage when conducting web application security assessments.

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