Information about the Script

Finding information about your friends, family, enemies, and the crush who will not talk to you is made possible by the 007-TheBond OSNIT Script. 


  • Instagram OSINT
  • Phone number OSINT
  • Search for a Username on Social Media
  • Search the web
  • IplookUp


By using the script, you agree that you are responsible for any losses you incur and that DeadShot0x7 will have no liability for any misuse of the script.


007-TheBond is currently at version 2.0, which is the project’s official release.


  1. Clone the repository by using git clone
  2. Go to the cloned directory cd 007-TheBond
  3. Create a virtual environment and activate it.

python -m venv venv

source venv/bin/activate

  1. Install the required packages or run

pip install -r requirements.txt



  1. Run the Script



This script is tested on these operating system

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