In this article, we will see Sashay Installation. Sashay is an integrated automatic installer for practical Linux-based tools. More than 340 tools are offered.


pip install -U sashay

Tool Categories

  • Information Gathering 
  • Vulnerability Scanner 
  • Exploitation Tools 
  • Wireless Testing 
  • Forensics Tools 
  • Web Hacking 
  • Stress Testing 
  • Sniffing & Spoofing 
  • Password Attacks 
  • Maintaining Access 
  • IP-tracking Tools
  • programming Languages 
  • DDOS Attacks 
  • Web Servers 
  • Distros

How to use

Type sashay or sshy from anywhere in your terminal

Press [TAB] to show completion, each number represents a specific output:

  • to show all available tools. Type the corresponding number of the tool you want to install.
  • to show tool categories
  • to update sashay
  • to know more about sashay
  • x to exit Sashay

You can also type the numbers manually instead of pressing [TAB]


Python 3.8+


Sashay Installation is released under MIT License

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