IDA Pro FLIRT signature for FlowCloud RAT component, “fcClientDll and Indicators mentioned in my presentation “USB flows in the Great River”.

In the realm of cybersecurity, the unassuming USB drive can be a Trojan horse. Dive into the world of USB-based threats as we explore the creation of IDA Pro FLIRT signatures for the elusive FlowCloud RAT component.

Discover how open-source libraries and IOCs play a crucial role in deciphering this covert menace.

Join us on a journey through ‘USB Flows in the Great River’ to unlock the secrets of threat analysis and mitigation.

You can check the presentation at Virus Bulletin 2023 website.

  • fcClientDll.sig
    • This signature was created from the idb file which identifies fcClinetDll functions (I added prefix “fcClient_”) and open source libraries (Protocol Buffers, Boost C++, ZThread, SQLite).
    • For more information about FLIRT
  • flowcloud_ioc_2023.csv
    • FlowCloud IOCs mentioned in the presentation.