The latest v1.0.0 release marks a significant advancement in cybersecurity and system management tools, introducing a host of new features and improvements.

With enhancements across the Find, SMB, HTTP, MSSQL, and Admin modules, this update focuses on optimizing site server management, group membership unrolling, and security checks.

Key additions include a more robust handling of LDAP searches, improved data storage methods, and enhanced credential recovery mechanisms, ensuring comprehensive coverage and control for administrators.


  • Find module
    • Site servers and Management Points are broken out to their own table
    • Added -resolve flag to handle unrolling group membership.
    • Added CAS, SMSprovider, and Config columns to Site Servers table
    • Added SMSProvider to Computers Table
  • SMB module
    • Added SMS Provider check
    • Added Management Point check
    • Added Active/Passive config check
    • Added Central Administration Site check
  • HTTP module
    • Added “stop on success” logic if credentials are recovered
    • Added -sleep flag to set time to wait until requesting policies following registration
    • Added -uuid and -mp flags to allow the operator to manually request policies
  • MSSQL module
    • Added -stacked flag to provide a stacked MSSQL query for relaying rather than individual queries
  • Admin module
    • Added show_admins command to list current admin accounts
  • Show module
    • Added -json and -csv flags to export tables
    • Added -creds flag to show recovered credentials from HTTP or DPAPI


  • Updated all data storage methods to SQLite
  • Changed banner


  • Find module
    • Refactored code and fixed bug to not properly perform LDAP searches
  • SMB module
    • Fixed a bug where discovered site servers and management points weren’t being added for service checks
  • HTTP module
    • Fixed a bug where errors weren’t properly handled if the database was missing (caused by not running the find module)
    • Fixed a bug where Management Points weren’t being pulled from the Computers table