Locksmith takes a significant step forward, addressing ownership issues with newfound automation.

This update, led by contributors like @TrimarcJake, @techspence, and @SamErde, introduces key improvements in remediation, installation processes, and code readability.

Join us as we delve into the exciting enhancements and known issues in Locksmith’s latest version, promising a brighter future for this essential tool

Mode 4 Now Fixes Ownership Issues Automatically!

No long-winded notes this month. Instead, I’ll just wish my wife a happy birthday! She’s the best.


  • ESC4 and ESC5 Ownership issues can now be auto-remediated with -Mode 4. – @TrimarcJake
  • Improved RSAT installation process (if you don’t have it installed yet.) – @techspence
  • Modern custom object creation (no more Add-Member means slightly faster code that’s much easier to read code) – @TrimarcJake
  • README now shows how to use the -Scans parameter to limit your search to just a specific issue. – @SamErde
  • We now have CONTRIBUTING and CODE_OF_CONDUCT docs. They’re not quite where we want them, but soon! – @TrimarcJake
  • PSScriptAnalyzer actions run on commit now, so we can check if there’s anything hinky going on. – @SamErde
  • Badges! Icons! – @SamErde

Known Issues:

  • Objects with both Allow and Deny ACEs reports two issues in output (I promise I’ll think about working on this one for February. :D)

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