The official plugin designed to enhance the synergy between Binary Ninja and x64dbg.

In this article, we’ll delve into the seamless integration of these powerful reverse engineering tools, showcasing how x64dbgbinja simplifies importing and exporting data between the two platforms.

Explore the installation process and discover how to efficiently transfer comments, labels, and symbols, ultimately streamlining your reverse engineering workflow.

Official x64dbg plugin forĀ Binary Ninja.


Clone this repository in your Binary Ninja plugin directory.

Menu Options

Import X64dbg Database

Import comments/labels from an uncompressed x64dbg JSON database in Binary Ninja.

Symbols for imported functions and or library functions can be overwritten via the “Overwrite X” entries in Settings.

Export X64dbg Database

Export comments/labels to a JSON database that can be loaded by x64dbg.

To export labels only: uncheck “Export Comments” under “x64dbg Database Export” in Settings.

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Tamil has a great interest in the fields of Cyber Security, OSINT, and CTF projects. Currently, he is deeply involved in researching and publishing various security tools with Kali Linux Tutorials, which is quite fascinating.

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