The security of web applications and frameworks is of paramount importance. To help ensure the safety of your systems, this article presents a comprehensive ‘Vulnerability Checklist.’

From common misconfigurations to advanced security threats, this checklist covers a wide range of potential vulnerabilities, providing a valuable resource for developers, security professionals, and anyone interested in safeguarding their web assets.

This Repo Contain A Lot Of Vulnerability Checklist

  1. AEM misconfiguration
  2. Authentication
  3. IDOR
  4. Business Logic
  5. jire vulnerability
  6. register vulnerability
  7. 2FA bypassing
  8. admin
  9. exif vulnerability
  10. cookie attack
  11. reset password attack
  12. Acount takeover checklist
  13. 403 bypass checklist
  14. tips from twitter
  15. tips from twitter p 2
  16. Sql injection
  17. xss
  18. File Upload
  19. rate limit
  20. json attack
  21. Csrf
  22. RCE
  24. API Authentication
  26. Django checklist
  27. Hacking Symfon

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