Vulnx : An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector That Detect Vulnerabilities In Multiple Types Of CMS

Vulnx is An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector that detect vulnerabilities in multiple types of Cms, fast cms detection,informations gathering and vulnerabilitie Scanning of the target like subdomains, ipaddresses, country, org, timezone, region, ans and more.

Instead of injecting each and every shell manually like all the other tools do, it analyses the target website checking the presence of a vulnerabilitie if so the shell will be Injected.searching urls with dorks Tool.


  • Detect cms (wordpress, joomla, prestashop, drupal, opencart, magento, lokomedia)
  • Target informations gatherings
  • Target Subdomains gathering
  • Multi-threading on demand
  • Checks for vulnerabilities
  • Auto shell injector
  • Exploit dork searcher
  • Ports Scan High Level
  • Dns-Servers Dump
  • Input multiple target to scan.
  • Dorks Listing by Name& by ExploitName.
  • Export multiple target from Dorks into a logfile.

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To do this,run a scan with the –dns flag and -d for subdomains. To generate a map of, you can run the command vulnx -u --dns -d --output $PATHin a new terminal.

$PATH : Where the graphs results will be stored.

Let’s generates an image displaying target Subdomains,MX & DNS data.



Available command line options

usage: vulnx [options]

-u –url url target
-D –dorks search webs with dorks
-o –output specify output directory
-t –timeout http requests timeout
-c –cms-info search cms info[themes,plugins,user,version..]
-e –exploit searching vulnerability & run exploits
-w –web-info web informations gathering
-d –domain-info subdomains informations gathering
-l, –dork-list list names of dorks exploits
-n, –number-page number page of search engine(Google)
-p, –ports ports to scan
-i, –input specify domains to scan from an input file
–threads number of threads
–dns dns informations gathering


$ git clone
$ cd VulnX
$ docker build -t vulnx ./docker/
$ docker run -it –name vulnx vulnx:latest -u

run vulnx container in interactive mode

to view logfiles mount it in a volume like so:

$ docker run -it –name vulnx -v “$PWD/logs:/VulnX/logs” vulnx:latest -u

change the mounting directory..


Install vulnx on Ubuntu

$ git clone
$ cd VulnX
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Now run vulnx

Install On Termux

$ pkg update $ pkg install -y git
$ git clone
$ cd vulnx
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Install In Windows

  • click here to download vulnx
  • download and install python3
  • unzip in c:/
  • open the command prompt cmd.

> cd c:/vulnx-master
> python

example command with options : settimeout=3 , cms-gathering = all , -d subdomains-gathering , run –exploits

vulnx -u –timeout 3 -c all -d -w –exploit

example command for searching dorks : -D or –dorks , -l –list-dorks

vulnx --list-dorks return table of exploits name. vulnx -D blaze return urls found with blaze dork