A vulnerable application made using node.js, express server and ejs template engine. This application is meant for educational purposes only.


Clone This Repository

git clone https://github.com/4auvar/VulnNodeApp.git

Application Setup:

  • Install the latest node.js version with npm.
  • Open terminal/command prompt and navigate to the location of downloaded/cloned repository.
  • Run command: npm install

DB Setup

  • Install and configure latest mysql version and start the mysql service/deamon
  • Login with root user in mysql and run below sql script:
CREATE USER 'vulnnodeapp'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
create database vuln_node_app_db;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON vuln_node_app_db.* TO 'vulnnodeapp'@'localhost';
USE vuln_node_app_db;
create table users (id int AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, fullname varchar(255), username varchar(255),password varchar(255), email varchar(255), phone varchar(255), profilepic varchar(255));
insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test1","test1","test1","test1@test.com","976543210");
insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test2","test2","test2","test2@test.com","9887987541");
insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test3","test3","test3","test3@test.com","9876987611");
insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test4","test4","test4","test4@test.com","9123459876");
insert into users(fullname,username,password,email,phone) values("test5","test5","test5","test5@test.com","7893451230");

Set Basic Environment Variable

  • User needs to set the below environment variable.
    • DATABASE_HOST (E.g: localhost,, etc…)
    • DATABASE_NAME (E.g: vuln_node_app_db or DB name you change in above DB script)
    • DATABASE_USER (E.g: vulnnodeapp or user name you change in above DB script)
    • DATABASE_PASS (E.g: password or password you change in above DB script)

Start The Server

  • Open the command prompt/terminal and navigate to the location of your repository
  • Run command: npm start
  • Access the application

Vulnerability Covered

  • SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference (IDOR)
  • Command Injection
  • Arbitrary File Retrieval
  • Regular Expression Injection
  • External XML Entity Injection (XXE)
  • Node js Deserialization
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Insecure Session Management

Published by Tamil S

Tamil has a great interest in the fields of Cyber Security, OSINT, and CTF projects. Currently, he is deeply involved in researching and publishing various security tools with Kali Linux Tutorials, which is quite fascinating.

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