The WhatsApp OSINT Tool is a pioneering tool developed for intelligence gathering on WhatsApp. It enables tracking and monitoring of user activities, offering insights and data analysis for digital investigations. This versatile tool supports multiple languages and provides Excel format outputs, making it essential for online investigations and digital forensics.

Welcome to the first WhatsApp OSINT tool. This was developed in early 2019 but I decided to restart the project now for fun.


How to Install

First, install requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt
  • You will need chromedriver, or you can modify the code and use GeckoDriver or any other drivers for Selenium.
  • You will need a GUI to execute the code since it interacts with to get statuses
  • Replace the name in the file with whichever name you want to track

How to Run

The language you choose depends on the language in which you have your web whatsapp some of the languages already integrated are the following:


In the user section you must put the user you want to monitor through the program, so the execution as such would be as follows:

python3 --username <username_to_track> --language "<language_code>"

Excel format to get data

To obtain the data generated by means of excel you can execute the following command with the flag “-e”

python3 --username <username_to_track> --language "<language_code>" -e


where language_code is either ‘en’ ‘tr’ ‘es’ for English,Turkish and Spanish languages. Future language support will be added.