Why Some Canon Printers Are More Effective Than Others

Not all printers are created equal and that is as true when it comes to comparing printers from the same manufacturer. If you own a Canon printer and want to invest in a new one then don’t assume that your new printer will be as brilliant!

There are so many things that you must consider when buying a printer and so we have taken the time to expose why some Canon printers are more effective than others. So, the next time you are due to purchase a new printer, check out our pointers to ensure that you make the best choice every time!

Printing Page Speed

Cheaper Canon printers offer a lower printing speed which means that your work will take longer to print before it is done. This may not be a huge issue if you aren’t a regular printer but if you need it for work then you will only end up frustrated by the cheap models.

The more expensive models will offer a faster and more crisp printing effort, giving your work the professional look you are aiming for. While the outlay is more, these printers tend to last longer and do better over time.

All-in-one Vs Straight Printing

If you have purchased a really cheap printer that offers simple printing only then you may think you have won the lotto. However, cheap is not necessarily better. If you are an infrequent printer and only need it for the odd letter every now and then, you will be perfectly ok with a cheaper printer.

However, if you use your printer for working at home then you may want to get an All-in-One that scans, prints and copies. These are typically far more expensive due to the increased capabilities. They are all more effective when it comes to creating quality prints that can be shared with others.

Ink Price and Quality

It is interesting to note that the more expensive a printer is, the cheap the ink is and the longer it lasts, making far more effective. However, no matter what type of Canon printer you opt for, ink for Canon printers is expensive!

The most effective way of dealing with this issue is to use a replacement ink company like Smart Ink. You just head over to a replacement ink specialist and put your cartridge name in the search, e.g. 281XXL, then purchase the ink replacements that you need. This is a far more effective way of maintaining your printer, no matter which model you own!


While it is clear that Canon are a fantastic brand, it does make sense that you should consider the full spec of a printer before diving in to buy one. Make sure the printing speed and printer type fit your needs rather than focusing solely on budget.

It is also sensible to buy the highest spec printer you can afford so that you get the best quality prints. Couple that with purchasing replacement ink over original ink and not only do you have a quality printer, but you will not need to spend lots each time your Canon cartridge runs out!