An innovative SSH honeypot equipped with the XZ backdoor, identified by CVE-2024-3094.

Designed to bait and study potential attackers, this tool offers a unique glimpse into the tactics and techniques used by cyber adversaries.

By simulating vulnerabilities, it provides invaluable insights into securing networks against sophisticated threats.


PLEASE run this on a separate isolated system. Docker is not used for isolation, but for getting the libraries working.

The bpf hook alsoo prints EVERY call to execve, including ones outside the container.

Just run

docker compose up

Logs are stored in ./logs/. The current monitoring includes bpftrace monitoring execve syscalls where the parent process is ‘sshd’, strace monitoring execve syscalls on the parent sshd process, tcpdump recording a pcap (TODO: rotate this) and sshd logging it’s regular output (TODO: patch something to log the RSA key).