Can’t you Finish your Essay in a Short Time?

Essays are always a mandatory task that is avoided. However it is avoided, essay writing is one of the most important academic representations. Not only that, but essays are also set as one of the prerequisites for graduation for certain subjects.

We have come to a conclusion about the importance of essays in the process of academic education. But what cannot be denied is that writing essays are often time-consuming and in the process of modern education, time is a very valuable thing, has more meaning compared to several years ago.

Essays, how good they are, should be written quickly. This article will highlight several points related to how to write an essay quickly.

1. Select a track

The professor generally gives more than one song, clearly choosing the song you like the most or that most stimulate your interest. But you can also be given a free theme. In the latter case, deciding which topics to discuss might have been a problem. In order not to waste too much time thinking about what to do, immediately focus your attention on what interests you and which can relate to the two school topics that have influenced you especially the hobbies and activities that you practice; even better if you decide to deal with the latest news and you can make connections to the things you have learned in class.

2. Set the available time

After you choose a track, set the time to your liking. Plan mentally the time needed to gather ideas, one for designing the actual text and one for rereading. The first phase, which is where you will gather all the information that you have to write in the theme. This phase is very important because if you can have a clear idea, not only writing will be faster, but your work will be more smooth and consistent reading.

3. Understand what must be written on the topic

First read the track carefully, because it contains all the information needed to develop your work properly. Then analyze the title/track in the following way: read it to understand general topics; underline keywords or whatever you think is important; try to understand what specific requests made by the teacher on the path to understanding how the main topic should be developed and not risk getting out of the topic.

4. Gather ideas

At this point, start thinking about everything you know about the topic and that is consistent with the specific title request. You can write or show ideas on the sheet to remind them better, maybe by arranging a concept map or list to follow.

5. Choose a thesis

Select the thesis to be developed, or the point of view that you will use to discuss the assigned track.

6. Consult the document

If you have a document (in the case of a short essay for example) use it! Think about how they can be included in the theme, interpret it based on the indications you have on the track and write down everything that comes to mind about it. If you have difficulty relating to certain documents, it is better to consult with a professional. If you don’t have one then you can search it online. You can click on good essay writers to get more information.

7. Research

If it is a work to be written at home, you will also have time for research on the internet, in the library, on the encyclopaedia … and collect all the resources you find interesting. Organize them by dividing them by type and topic, in this way it will be easier to find them when you have to write the text.

8. Identify the public

Ask yourself to whom you are addressing the text you are about to write and modulate the language by adopting the vocabulary, phrases, and tone to potential recipients.

9. Identify the logical structure of the text

You must identify an architecture of the topics and concepts to be inserted, that is, you must think of the text by subdividing it into paragraphs, each of which will contain a specific idea to be developed.

The basic structure for organizing your text is: introduction – progress – conclusion, within which you must place your ideas. While you are writing the topic it may happen that you need to change this structure, but it is not a problem, the important thing is to have a guide to start with and to make clear what you have to write in your mind.