CPUFetch : Simplistic Yet Fancy CPU Architecture Fetching Tool

CPUFetch : Simplistic Yet Fancy CPU Architecture Fetching Tool

CPUFetch is a simple yet fancy CPU architecture fetching tool.


cpufetch supports x86, x86_64 (Intel and AMD) and ARM.

GNU/Linux✔️✔️Best support
Windows✔️Some information may be missing.
Colors will be used if supported
Android✔️Some information may be missing.
Not tested under x86_64
macOS✔️Some information may be missing.
Apple M1 support may be added
in the future (see #47)


Building from source

Just clone the repo and use make to compile it

git clone https://github.com/Dr-Noob/cpufetch
cd cpufetch

The Makefile is designed to work on Linux, Windows and macOS.


There is a cpufetch package available in Arch Linux (cpufetch-git). If you are in another distribution, you can build cpufetch from source.


In the releases section you will find some cpufetch executables compiled for Windows. Just download and run it from Windows CMD. You can also build cpufetch from source.


You need to build cpufetch from source.


  1. Install termux app (terminal emulator)
  2. Run pkg install -y git make clang inside termux.
  3. Build from source normally:

git clone https://github.com/Dr-Noob/cpufetch
cd cpufetch


Here are more examples of how cpufetch looks on different CPUs.

x86_64 CPUs

CPUFetch : Simplistic Yet Fancy CPU Architecture Fetching Tool


Colors & Style

By default, cpufetch will print the CPU art with the system colorscheme. However, you can always set a custom color scheme, either specifying Intel or AMD, or specifying the colors in RGB format:

./cpufetch –color intel (default color for Intel)
./cpufetch –color amd (default color for AMD)
./cpufetch –color 239,90,45:210,200,200:100,200,45:0,200,200 (example)

In the case of setting the colors using RGB, 4 colors must be given in with the format: [R,G,B:R,G,B:R,G,B:R,G,B]. These colors correspond to CPU art color (2 colors) and for the text colors (following 2). Thus, you can customize all the colors.


See cpufetch programming documentation.

Bugs Or Improvements

There are many open issues in github (see issues). Feel free to open a new one report an issue or propose any improvement in cpufetch

I would like to thank Gonzalocl and OdnetninI for their help, running cpufetch in many different CPUs they have access to, which makes it easier to debug and check the correctness of cpufetch.