CryptonDie is a ransomware developed for study purposes.


–key key used to encrypt and decrypt files, default is random string(recommended)
–dir Home directory for the attack, default is /
–encrypt Encrypt all files
–decrypt Decrypt all files
–verbose Active verbose mode, default is False

python3 –web-service –dir /var/www/ –encrypt –verbose

Web service endpoints

GET – /targets – list all targets (returns in JSON format)
GET – /targets/ – list one target by id (returns in JSON format)
POST – /target/ – create new target

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how to run?

Clonning repository

git clone

Install requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Running web service

cd cryptondie/discovery

Running in Docker

docker build -t cryptondie .
docker run -it cryptondie /bin/bash
python –web-service –dir /var/www/ –encrypt –verbose

Which encryption is implemented?

Advanced Encryption Standard