DaProfiler is an OSINT tool capable of tracing the digital identity of a target via social networks, emails, public information such as directories, business listings, etc.

DaProfiler is also able to check if a face appears on the profile photos of returned accounts.

DaProfiler can bring you a lot in the context of a search for email addresses on a French target using various techniques of mail guessing, mail swapping using the first and last name of your target.

The developers inform you that you are responsible for the uses and actions you make of DaProfiler, this tool is above all a big data awareness tool, created to search for a person with his agreement and allow him to remove malicious traces of his digital identity to protect themselves.

Input : Name , Last Name
Output : email addresses, landline numbers, physical addresses, social networks, work history, photos, etc.


Python 3.8 & Mozilla Firefox required.

git clone https://github.com/TheRealDalunacrobate/DaProfiler.git
cd DaProfiler
pip install -r requirements.txt

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