Explore the world of DDoS scripts and hacking tools to enhance your Kali Linux experience. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the latest updates and additions, such as Nvidia GPU drivers, Arc themes, and essential security tools.

Discover how to supercharge your Kali Linux system and stay at the forefront of cybersecurity. All things to do after installing Kali Linux and Add more awesome hacking tools to your Kali Linux system

Change Log v5.0.2:

  • add Nvidia GPU driver

Change Log v5.0.1:

  • add Arc theme & icon
  • update Tor 6.5.1

Change Log v5.0:

  • add install dvwa
  • add install bwapp

Change Log v4.5:

  • fix sound mute and enable pulseaudio run startup
  • install latest virtualbox, virtualbox-ext-pack and fix unable connect usb to virtualbox and fix “Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)”
  • add google-chrome installation
  • update latest tor browser
  • add install metasploit, aircrack-ng on ubuntu/linux mint
  • add netripper tool for sniff https password
  • add fluxion tool

Change Log v4.1:

  • Add Kali Linux 2.0 repository for installing more package
  • Add “Update kali linux Sana to Kali linux 2016.2” option
  • Add “how to install wireless driver in your kali linux 2016.2 system” option
  • Add “Transparent-top bar-notification-windows on Kali Linux” option

Change Log v4:

  • change source.list kali linux rolling
  • modify video tutorial links
  • add more tool 😉
  • add vmware-tools

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