Let’s face it. Many students have problems with an adequate estimate of time. When it comes to a particularly difficult task, the situation is even more aggravated.

It seems to a student that there is still a lot of time to cope with the task. There are so long timeframes that it is possible to afford not to hurry. In the language of psychologists, this is called procrastination. This is the state when a student knows that he/she should start work, for example, on dissertation right now.

But it comes up with a thousand reasons not to do it. But time continues to go, and the unfinished work becomes a heavy burden and provokes a growing panic.

In this article, we decided to tell you how to cope with a dissertation writing if you have already spent most of the time, but the work is still not finished.

●    Overcome Procrastination

Scientists conducted an interesting study and proposed a new method to combat procrastination. The experiment was that the subjects were stimulated to clearly imagine that a certain event had already happened, and now they have to make an important decision that determines their life in the context of this event.

Scientists believe that this phenomenon of the human psyche can be used in the fight against procrastination. Just close your eyes and imagine that you have completed the task. A sense of release from the burden of an unfulfilled task and satisfaction, albeit from an imaginary success, will provide an incentive to get down to work immediately.

●    Gather All Your Internal Resources

Yes, it is very difficult to concentrate and direct all your efforts to a thesis when you logically understand that a lot of time has already been spent. However, you must do it in the best interests to get the desired degree, PhD or any other.

Just do it as mentioned in the famous advertising. Brian Tracy, the great motivator and manager, recommends starting with auto-training. You need to say yourself many times – do it right now! Repeat this phrase until you will feel that you are full of strength and determination to really do it.

●    Narrow the Study Field

In other words, do not bite off more than you can eat. In fact, it is absolutely possible to find an interesting problem for research if you narrow down its search field. Do not spray your attention, but find a narrow sphere of scientific activity and dig deeper.

There is always an unexplored question, and in the future you will spend much less time searching for literature, studying previous research, and moreover, you can offer something truly innovative. And this, as you know, is one of the main criteria that are evaluated when checking your dissertation. An unexplored and highly specialized question will help you to show your abilities as an analyst, scientist, and researcher in full.

●    Carefully Read All Requirements

It will be much easier and more effective for you if you immediately carefully study all the requirements for the dissertation writing. Anyone who does not want to redo the work several times must do it right during the first time.

This is a kind of method for lazy students, but in practice, you will save a huge amount of effort, time and nerves if your dissertation is initially written correctly. To do this, concentrate on each writing requirement and follow them in sequence.

●    Outsource This Task

All of the above tips are certainly effective, but you need at least a small amount of time to implement them. However, if you understand that in your case the lack of time has become critical, the best way to get out of this situation with minimal losses for your nerves is to ask for dissertation help online.

All the writers of such an online service are already accustomed to working in the conditions of time shortage, however, this does not negatively affect the quality of their professional work. You can be sure that your dissertation will be done on time with compliance with all the requirements of your university.

So do not let panic eat your nerves! Do not let a dissertation put your diploma at risk! Keep in mind that you are always free to ask custom writing agency for help and stay sure in the perfect result!