Haklistgen turns any junk text into a usable wordlist for brute-forcing.


go install github.com/hakluke/haklistgen@latest

Usage Examples

Scrape all words out of an HTTP response to build a directory bruteforce wordlist:

curl https://wikipedia.org | haklistgen

Pipe a list of subdomains to it to generate a wordlist for bruteforcing more subdomains:

subfinder -silent -d example.com | haklistgen

Piping in a custom JavaScript file could yield some interesting results:

curl https://example.com/app.js | haklistgen

You could create a great custom wordlist for a large-scope target doing something like this:

subfinder -silent -d hakluke.com | anew subdomains.txt | httpx -silent | anew urls.txt | hakrawler | anew endpoints.txt | while read url; do curl $url –insecure | haklistgen | anew wordlist.txt; done
cat subdomains.txt urls.txt endpoints.txt | haklistgen | anew wordlist.txt;

This would save subdomains to subdomains.txt, then save httpx output to urls.txt, then crawl each url and save the hakrawler output to endpoints.txt, then fetch every URL in endpoints.txt and make a wordlist out of it, concatenating all of the wordlists to wordlist.txt. Then it takes all of the subdomains and urls, and adds words out of the words in those too.

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