Windows by default is secure and safe, this repository does not imply nor claim otherwise.

Just like anything, you have to use it wisely and don’t compromise yourself with reckless behavior and bad user configuration; Nothing is foolproof.

This repository only uses the tools and features that have already been implemented by Microsoft in Windows OS to fine-tune it towards the highest security and locked-down state, using well-documented, supported, recommended and official methods.

Continue reading for comprehensive info.

How To Use

Apply The Latest Hardening Measures Directly From This Github Repository

irm '' | iex

 Use the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to apply the latest Hardening Measures

irm '' | iex

 Install The Harden Windows Security Module From PowerShell Gallery

Install-Module -Name 'Harden-Windows-Security-Module' -Force

For more information click here.