Karma_V2 can be used by Infosec Researchers, Penetration Testers, Bug Hunters to find deep information, more assets, WAF/CDN bypassed IPs, Internal/External Infra, Publicly exposed leaks and many more about their target. Shodan Premium API key is required to use this automation. Output from the ????? ?? is displayed to the screen and saved to files/directories.

ℹ Regarding Premium Shodan API, Please see the Shodan site for more information.

Shodan website: Shodan Website API : Developer API


  • Powerful and flexible results via Shodan Dorks
  • SSL SHA1 checksum/fingerprint Search
  • Only hit In-Scope IPs
  • Verify each IP with SSL/TLS certificate issuer match RegEx
  • Provide Out-Of-Scope IPs
  • Find out all ports including well known/uncommon/dynamic
  • Grab all targets vulnerabilities related to CVEs
  • Banner grab for each IP, Product, OS, Services & Org etc.
  • Grab favicon Icons
  • Generate Favicon Hash using python3 mmh3 Module
  • Favicon Technology Detection using nuclei custom template
  • ASN Scan
  • BGP Neighbour
  • IPv4 & IPv6 Profixes for ASN
  • Interesting Leaks like Indexing, NDMP, SMB, Login, SignUp, OAuth, SSO, Status 401/403/500, VPN, Citrix, Jfrog, Dashboards, OpenFire, Control Panels, WordPress, Laravel, Jetty, S3 Buckets, Cloudfront, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Node Exports, Grafana, RabbitMQ, Containers, GitLab, MongoDB, Elastic, FTP anonymous, Memcached, DNS Recursion, Kibana, Prometheus, Default Passwords, Protected Objects, Moodle, Spring Boot, Django, Jira, Ruby, Secret Key and many more…


Clone the repo

# git clone https://github.com/Dheerajmadhukar/karma_v2.git

 Install shodan & mmh3 python module

# python3 -m pip install shodan mmh3

 Install JSON Parser [JQ]

#apt install jq -y

Install httprobe @tomnomnom to probe the requests

#GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/tomnomnom/httprobe

Install Interlace @codingo to multithread [Follow the codingo interlace repo instructions]

# git clone https://github.com/codingo/Interlace.git & install accordingly. 

Install nuclei @projectdiscovery

# GO111MODULE=on go get -v github.com/projectdiscovery/nuclei/v2/cmd/nuclei

 Install lolcat

# apt install lolcat -y

. Install anew

# GO111MODULE=on go get -u github.com/tomnomnom/anew


You can use this command to check help:

$ bash karma_v2 -h


-ipbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -ip
-asnbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -asn
-cvebash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -cve
-faviconbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -favicon
-leaksbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -leaks
-deepbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -deep
-countbash karma_v2 -d <DOMAIN.TLD> -l <INTEGER> -count


├── ASNs_Detailed_bugcrowd.com.txt
├── Collect
│ ├── host_domain_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_12289a814…83029f8944b6088d60204a92e_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_17537bf84…73cb1d684a495db7ea5aa611b_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_198d6d4ec…681b77585190078b07b37c5e1_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_26a9c5618…d60eae2947b42263e154d203f_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_3da3825a2…3b852a42470410183adc3b9ee_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_4d0eab730…68cf11d2db94cc2454c906532_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_8907dab4c…12fdbdd6c445a4a8152f6b7b7_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_9a9b99eba…5dc5106cea745a591bf96b044_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_a7c14d201…b6fd4bc4e95ab2897e6a0bsfd_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_SHA1_a90f4ddb0…85780bdb06de83fefdc8a612d_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_domain_domain.tld.json.gz
│ ├── ssl_subjectCN_domain.tld.json.gz
│ └── ssl_subject_domain.tld.json.gz
| └── . . .
│ ├── 104.x.x.x.json.gz
│ ├── 107.x.x.x.json.gz
│ ├── 107.x.x.x.json.gz
│ └── 99.x.x.x.json.gz
| └── . . .
├── favicons_domain.tld.txt
├── host_enum_domain.tld.txt
├── ips_inscope_domain.tld.txt
├── main_domain.tld.data
├── . . .

karma_v2 Newly Added Shodan Dorks

  • SonarQube
  • Apache hadoop node
  • Directory Listing
  • Oracle Business intelligence
  • Oracle Web Login
  • Docker Exec
  • Apache Status
  • Apache-Coyote/1.1 Tomcat-5.5
  • Swagger UI
  • Splunk
  • JBoss
  • phpinfo
  • ID_VC
  • Confluence
  • TIBCO_Jaspersoft
  • Shipyard_Docker_management
  • Symfony PHP info AWS creds
  • Ignored-by_CDNs
  • Django_Exposed
  • Cluster_Node_etcd
  • SAP_NetWeaver_Application

????? ?? Supported Shodan Dorks

ssl.cert.fingerprinthttp.status:"302" oauth"Server: Jetty"
sslhttp.status:"302" ssoX-Amz-Bucket-Region
orgtitle:"401 Authorization Required""development" org:"Amazon.com"
hostnamehttp.html:"403 Forbidden""X-Jenkins" "Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID" http.title:"Jenkins [Jenkins]"
ssl.cert.issuer.cnhttp.html:"500 Internal Server Error"http.favicon.hash:81586312 200
ssl.cert.subject.cnssl.cert.subject.cn:*vpn*product:"Kubernetes" port:"10250, 2379"
ssl.cert.expired:truetitle:"citrix gateway"port:"9100" http.title:"Node Exporter"
http.title:"Index of /""X-Jfrog"http.title:"RabbitMQ"
ftp port:"10000"http.title:"dashboard"HTTP/1.1 307 Temporary Redirect "Location: /containers"
"Authentication: disabled" port:445 product:"Samba"http.title:"Openfire Admin Console"http.favicon.hash:1278323681
title:"Login - Adminer"http.title:"control panel""MongoDB Server Information" port:27017 -authentication
http.title:"sign up"http.html:"* The wp-config.php creation script uses this file"port:"9200" all:"elastic indices"
http.title:"LogIn"clockwork"220" "230 Login successful." port:21
port:"11211" product:"Memcached""port: 53" Recursion: Enabledtitle:"kibana"
port:9090 http.title:"Prometheus Time Series Collection and Processing Server""default password"title:protected
http.component:Moodlehttp.favicon.hash:116323821html:"/login/?next=" title:"Django"
html:"/admin/login/?next=" title:"Django"title:"system dashboard" html:jirahttp.component:ruby port:3000
html:"secret_key_base"I will add more soon. . .

????? ?? Newly Added Shodan Dorks

"netweaver"port:"2379" product:"etcd"http.title:"DisallowedHost"
ssl:"${target}" "-AkamaiGHost" "-GHost"ssl:"${target}" "-Cloudflare"ssl:"${target}" "-Cloudfront"
"X-Debug-Token-Link" port:443http.title:"shipyard" HTTP/1.1 200 OK Accept-Ranges: bytes Content-Length: 5664http.title:"TIBCO Jaspersoft:" port:"443" "1970"
http.title:"Directory Listing"http.title:"H-SPHERE"http.title:"Swagger UI - "
Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 Tomcat-5.5"port:2375 product:"Docker"http.title:"phpinfo()"
http.title:"ID_VC_Welcome""x-powered-by" "jboss"jboss http.favicon.hash:-656811182
http.title:"Welcome to JBoss"port:"8089, 8000" "splunkd"http.favicon.hash:-316785925
title:"splunkd" org:"Amazon.com"http.title:"oracle business intelligence sign in"http.title:"Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console"
http.title:"Apache Status"I will add more soon. . .