MalwareCMDMonitor – Shows Command Lines Used By Latest Instances Analyzed On Hybrid-Analysis

By using MalwareCMDMonitor python script, you can observe the commands of the latest malware instances executed on sandbox. In a nutshell, it downloads the HA feed and then retrieves commands of unseen instances; the ones that did not appear in the previous feeds.

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Running The MalwareCMDMonitor

To run the script


However, if you want to run the script on a regular basis, you can use –daemon (or -d for short) switch.

python --daemon

Running the above command results in getting the feed every hour. To change the interval, you can use –cycle (or -c) and specify the number of minutes the script must wait before retrieving the feed again.

python --daemon --cycle 120

In the above example, the script sleeps for 2 hours between each feed retrieval. Moreover, you can use –output (or -o) to specify the output file that you want to store the results. By default, the output is written on the console.

python --daemon --cycle 120 --output "c:\test\ha - cmd.log"

Last but not least, you can see all the switches by using –help (or -h)

python -h