In today’s data-driven world, extracting specific details from vast platforms like Google Maps can be crucial.

MapsDumper is a powerful tool designed for this very purpose, enabling users to easily retrieve place details such as phone numbers, websites, and reviews.

Dive into this guide to understand how MapsDumper works and how you can leverage it for your data-gathering needs.

Demo • Installation • Feature • CreditsA tool for dumping place details from Google Maps such as phone numbers, emails, websites, and reviews.


$ see this DEMO in here >

Run / Installation

How to run ?

> git clone
> cd mapsdumper
> npm install
> node index.js


Get AdressOk
Get Phone NumberOk
Get WebsiteOk
Get ReviewsOk
Get Review dateOk
Get Star Count per ReviewOk


  • Windows / Linux
  • Google Chrome
  • a Youtube account