External Game Project primarily written in C++, utilizing external libraries.

I’m actively combating scammers while developing various cheats and tools for games, including Hack Cheat Driver Esp Aimbot Magic Bullet, Driver Injector Overlay, and Imgui.Developed Cheat Hacks for the Following Games

  • Be careful when purchasing hacking cheats to avoid scams. More projects to come.
  • In the realm of Valorant, securing victory against your opponents can be a daunting task when you lack insight into their actions throughout each round.
    • Even with exceptional aimbot or trigger bot capabilities, triumphing over a well-executed strategy can be challenging when relying solely on mechanical skills.
  • Our sophisticated Valorant wallhack elegantly addresses this challenge by providing you with the ability to visualize your adversaries through walls, obstructions, and objects. Implementing a Valorant ESP into your gameplay transforms the dynamics completely.
    • It empowers you to swiftly gain a substantial competitive edge, even without utilizing additional cheats like aimbots.


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ESP/Glow with Stream-Proof Magic: Our ESP/Glow feature isn’t just powerful; it’s stream-proof too. Seamlessly integrate it with your gameplay and amaze your audience without any compromise.

Advanced Humanized Aim Assist: Ascend to the pinnacle of precision with our revolutionary aim assist.

Designed to mimic human aiming behavior, this feature is your ticket to unparalleled accuracy.

Standalone Trigger: Unleash the Precision Storm: Our standalone trigger is like no other, delivering laser-precise shots across all weapon types. No spread or recoil can stand in your way.

Effective Spoofer: Your Shield of Identity: Safeguard your PC like a pro with our top-notch spoofer. Mask your identity with finesse and outwit any attempt to expose you.

Universal Compatibility: The Cheat That Fits All: Whether you’re on the Regular VAL Client, VCT, or League Client, our cheat is your ultimate sidekick. It adapts to various game client versions seamlessly, providing a consistent advantage.

Join the Elite, Play with Power: It’s time to level up your Valorant experience.

Embrace the future of gaming, where victory bends to your will. Unlock the potential, rewrite the rules, and seize victory like never before.

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