PAKURI : Penetration Test Achieve Knowledge Unite Rapid Interface

Pakuri is a Penetration test Achieve Knowledge Unite Rapid Interface. Pentesters love to move their hands. However, I do not like troublesome work.

Simple work is performed semi-automatically with simple operations. It executes commands frequently used in penetration tests by simply operating the numeric keypad. You can test penetration as if you were playing a fighting game.

Abilities of “PAKURI”.

  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Vulnerability analysis.
  • Visualize.
  • Brute Force Attack.
  • Exploitation.

Your Benefits

By using our PAKURI, you will benefit from the following.

  • For redteam:
    • This saves you the trouble of entering frequently used commands.
    • Beginner pentester can learn the floe of attacks using PAKURI.
  • For blueteam:
    • Attack packets can be generated with a simple operation.

NOTE : If you are interested, please use them in an environment under your control and at your own risk. And, if you execute the PAKURI on systems that are not under your control, it may be considered an attack and you may have legally liabillity for your action.


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root@kali:/usr/share/pakuri# ./






Operation Check Environment

  • OS: KAli Linux 2019.4
  • Memory: 8.0GB

This tool is not yet complete. It will be updated sequentially.